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About us

 “I inherited the love of technical beauty from my father (an outstanding scientist who loved physics and mathematics).

He “infected” me with observing the beauty in mechanical constructions, in the precision and detail of execution.

Today I know that I have an ambition to make radically distinctive bicycles; not only technically and aesthetically but also functional and soul pleasing. “

Kacper Abramowicz


Who are we?

Velove was set up to focus on making exceptional bicycles. We do custom projects, producing our own track frames in Poland in addition to personalised painting and our own line of bicycling clothes.

  • Our built bikes have been ridden on every continent
  • We build bikes for professionals, travellers and your average everyday cyclist
  • For over a decade we have designed and produced our own track frames (TORRO)in Poland
  • We do personalised bike painting, thanks to which you’ll have “the only one in the world” design to satisfy your darkest fantasy
  • We are the first European distributor of puncture free bicycles tires made by TANNUS (we were awarded two Bike-Expo prizes for Technical Innovation and Journalist’s Cup in Kielce bike fair 2012)
  • We have been patrons of international and national bike excursions, World Championships, European Championship and Polish Cycle Messenger Championships, European Bike Polo Championships, RedBull Sprint&Skid
  • We love bicycles, ride them and are constantly trying to nurture and cultivate bicycle culture
  • We have been on the market since 2012 and are continually developing in order to improve our methods and surprise our clients

How do we work?

We respect traditional craft, admire new technologies, love aesthetics and are passionate about custom made bicycles.

Not being satisfied with the quality of parts that we being delivered to us, we decided to modify and personalise them. We got so ahead of ourselves that we have acquired a professional painting booth, a room for soda/sandblasting, all tools needed to build a frame/bicycle. CNC milling machine, TIG welding machine and other specialised tools.

Are we for you?

If you’re will to entrust your bike with a team who’ll be look after every detail, which has huge experience, expert knowledge in cycling, a passion for forging extraordinary bikes and will fulfil the most outlandish requests of clients, you have come to the right place.

We don’t delivery plain budget solutions. Our projects have to supreme and distinctive.


Kacper “Problem Maker” Abramowicz

Założyciel VELOVE, Lakiernia

Krzysztof “Goofy” Wierzbicki

Problem Solver, Warsztat, CNC

Małgorzata Karczewska

Damska Strona Sukcesu – General Manager