Even the logo and badge 'made in USA' are painted - no stickers / decals. Using an industrial epoxy primer and colours from a modern range of car paints, we refreshed the frame in a durable and shiny way. Fox Vanilla rear shock is a classic and it’s pleasant in adjustment and use. In addition, it is durable and requires much less service than modern air inventions.

The second generation of the Manitou Dorado fork - the best one in our opinion. It was the first carbon shock absorber I had an opportunity to see and it still makes the same impression today. Fork is in almost flawless condition. Stickers have been newly designed and made by 'Stickers Studio'. Axle is brand new.

Magura Gusatv’s M - Brand new, timeless and flawlessly working. It's hard not to know this legend of bicycle hydraulics - probably the most recognisable brakes with a floating calliper.

We entrust the construction of wheels to our private specialists - Dandy Horse. Perfectly tensioned, brand new Mavic DH D 3.1 rims and Sapim Leader spokes with brass nipples.

The completely modern 10-speed drive from the renowned SRAM brand is something that we think is definitely missing in this bike. Combining the classic with the modern, we get reliable functionality in a beautiful form.

Thanks to the appearance of fat-bikes, new standards for bottom brackets and cranks have also emerged - perfect!

Gizmo Mr Dirt chain guide was one of the most interesting part of restoring this bike. Even our first chain guide prototype was created ... However, at the end we decided to go with the original chain guide because it is an element visually inseparable from this bike. That is why we have made every effort not only to renew it, but also to improve it. The chain guides and rollers are made on a CNC machine are made from a modern industrial plastic with addition of molybdenum.

Renthal FatBar Lite - A wide handlebar is a matter of common sense.

RaceFace grips - We wanted cockpit to be as modern as possible.




SeatTube C-T (centre-top) = 44,5 cm, TopTube C-C (centre-centre) = 57 cm, HeadTube = 13 cm


16 150 zł (4 000 euro)